Fred For Volusia County Council District 5


“Fred Lowry is the exact type of leader we need on our county council. He has served at the city level, understands how to balance the needs of government with the valuable funds of taxpayers and will make all of Southwest Volusia proud as a member of the county council. Fred is a man of conviction, courage and character. With an open seat for our community, it is imperative that we elect someone who won’t need on-the-job training and who also will stand up for what is right. I believe that Fred Lowry will do an outstanding job representing us in District 5.”
——FL Rep. David Santiago District 27


I filed to run for the County Council District 5 seat. On June 1, 2010 I lost my 12 year old daughter. She was hit by a motorist at her school bus stop on Highbanks rd. in Debary. I have been working to make school bus stops and Florida roads safer for students and pedestrians since. I have been to county council meetings to talk about traffic safety and seen the council members eyes glaze over with disinterest. I have been to school board meetings shortly after my daughters death and when almost 20 children were hit by motorist in Orange City and watched and listened to a county council member commend the school board on “the great job” they were doing. So soon as I was able to I filed to run for District 5. My whole reason was traffic safety. I have no knowledge or experience with taxes, budgets, or anything else the county council handles. Around June last year Dr. Lowry called me to let me know he was filing to run, too. Since then we have had a lot of phone conversations and lunch. I am happy to help Dr. Lowry with his campaign because he is the best man for the job. I know without a doubt he will bring the two main characteristics our county needs in a councilmember, honesty and integrity.    –Donald Mair

Dept. of Elections has verified we have over

650 valid signatures and that part of Qualifying is done.  We are
the first candidate team to do so in Volusia County!

Canvassing and Signs coming in February

(see upcoming events for dates)

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Lowry Campaign,

I am so thankful you took time to look us up.  In the past, many of you have volunteered your time to help me when I won the Deltona City Commission District 5 position.  I could not have done it without you!  I am so blessed to have so many friends in the SW Volusia area!

Now its time to begin to lay the foundation for a new campaign.  As I run for Volusia County Council District 5 in 2014 it will allow more folks to help, but we will have more folks to reach.   I know we are still several months out but Secretariat won the last race of the Triple Crown at Belmont by getting out of the gate early and never looking back (no horse jokes plz-LOL).  

So, begin to tell your friends, neighbors, family, co-workers about us.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  Share us with your Facebook friends.  Also, person-to-person, face-to-face is always the most powerful form of communication.  I am running into folks almost everyday that have heard I am running for the County and are offering support and pledging their votes. Our recent canvassing has proved to be very encouraging and supportive!

If you have an email list send a note to them to check us out at and let them know why you’re supporting Fred for 5.

We need to bring good paying jobs to District 5.  We promise to continue to reduce taxes and downsize government  while preserving and protecting our environment for our kids and grandkids.  

Ask them to vote for

Fred Lowry, Jr. for  Volusia County Council District 5

Thank you for your time and interest.